Back in 2015, SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., was a small attempt of few bead lovers to turn their panache into something worthwhile. Their dynamic spirits drove them to take this venture with much more focus. SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., partnered with artisans and crafts-women, who tasted the fruits of self dependency while handcrafting the beaded jewelry.

SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., now was making not just beautiful BUT meaningful jewelry. International collaborations for best quality raw materials and continual efforts in technology and coatings, gave SSTRINGZ all the leverage that was required to establish itself as a much loved homegrown brand in India.

No, the journey hasn't been all rosy and SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., has had its own share of missteps, but
the organization humbly accepted its setbacks and chose to learn from them, to emerge with better strength & better judgment. 

SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., oriented its production towards exports in 2017 and is growing its buyer base at a respectable pace all over the world. We at SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., have our eyes and heart set on the success that we find in the financial and social strength of our artisans.

We are determined to keep GROWING !!

Our Team

We Are Not A TEAM Just Because We Work Together.
We Are A Team Because We Respect, Trust And Care For Each Other.

It overwhelms our hearts to realize
how much the smiles and tears of our people have mattered to us.
We don't just measure our growth in numbers,
we feel it in volume of hearts of our people.
SSTRINGZ EXIM PVT. LTD., wasn't even conceivable, if it wasn't the people who nurtured it,
not just with their HARDWORK but also with their HEART WORK.